Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett
Professor of Computer Science
Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

Current research interests

Current topics:

  • Understanding and defining intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) incl. machine learning and knowledge-based systems
  • AI ethics, Responsible AI, Digital ethics, Digital education ethics
  • Robotics, Robotics in education
  • Distributed AI, agents and multiagent systems
  • Optimization, metaheuristics, and soft computing (e.g. evolutionary computation, artificial neural networks)

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Other research interests

Other topics, also related to the ongoing teaching:

  • Computer Science Education, E-Learning
  • Software engineering, Agile software development, eXtreme Programming
  • Social media analysis, social networks, blogosphere, new media

Related to the projects I was involved in and directed by Prof. Andreas Griewank, Mathematics at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany:

  • Automatic/Algorithmic differentiation
  • Differential algebraic equations

Related to the projects I was involved in and directed by Prof. Hans-Dieter Burkhard, Computer Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany:

  • Socionics (Sociology + Computer Science)

Related to the projects I was involved in at the Center of Biomaterials, Havana, Cuba:

  • Parameter estimation, inverse problems, mathematical modelling of chemical processes

Ongoing and past projects


  • AI promises, fallacies, and pitfalls: Inhibitors and stepping-stones for progress in Artificial Intelligence. . Sabbatical semester, Oct/2022-March/2023.
  • Tracking the Evolution of (machine) Intelligence: An Intelligence Catalog-guided mapping of scientific research. Oct/2019-March/2020.
  • Defining Intelligence: Overcoming fundamental problems of intelligence research. Sabbatical semester, Oct/2018-March/2019.
  • International research survey “Defining (machine) Intelligence”: Final data post-processing and analysis. Apr-Sept/2018.

AI, Robotics, Technology, Big Data:

Education, Higher Education, E-Learning, EdTech:

  • AIRI Education: AI fundamentals according to AIRI and their applications in higher education (together with my colleague Prof. Dr. Claudia Lemke). Apr/2022-Sept/2022.
  • Das TAL-Modell im Unterricht der agilen Softwareentwicklung: Formalisierung des Modells und praktischer Einsatz der Interaktionsdynamik zwischen dem Lehren (T), dem Lernen (L) und dem Anwenden (A) des Gelernten in agilen Softwareentwicklungskursen (short: The TAL model in Agile Software Development Education). Sabbatical semester, Oct/2014-March/2015.
  • eLearning und eAssessment: Erweiterung der eLearning-Plattform Moodle um moderne an die HWR angepasste Evaluierungs- und Prüfungsfunktionen (eLearning und eAssessment: Extending the eLearning platform Moodle with modern, HWR-customized evaluation and test functionalities). Apr-Dec/2012.