Prof. Dr. Dagmar Monett
Professor of Computer Science
Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany

Young entrepreneurs

I have been a mentor of several startups (at least 13 since 2016!) at the Startup Incubator Berlin from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

I advice these joung entrepreneurs mainly on AI and Software Engineering topics, as well as help them secure funding and grants, for example from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Federal State Berlin.

Furthermore, I work close with them and let undergraduate students attending my courses be part of the projects by integrating learning, teaching, and entepreneurship in one.

PhD students

Mohammed Almashraee (from Yemen).

External PhD thesis examinations

External examiner for European Doctorate, 2010:

  • Thema: On Solving Real Optimization Problems Using Pareto-based Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms.
  • Doctoral candidate: Antonio López Márquez, Higher Engineering School, Universidad de Almería, Spain.

External PhD thesis examiner, 2014:

  • Thema: Web Conscious Distributed Indexing Algorithm for Scalable Information Retrieval.
  • Doctoral candidate: Palson Kennedy, R., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India.

Bachelor theses

I supervise about 10 (+/- 2) Bachelor theses every year and since 2010 at the Computer Science Dept. from the Berlin School of Economics and Law (In German: HWR Berlin).

HWR undergraduate students are matriculated in a special cooperative program that combines full-time classroom study at the HWR with regular practical on-the-job trainings at business enterprises. The topics of their Bachelor theses are always related to the latest techonologies and corporate projects from the companies they work at. Isn't it fantastic!

I am honoured to co-supervise students' theses from companies like Bayer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB), Fraunhofer-Verbund IuK-Technologie, Deutsche Post IT Services GmbH, Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR), TELES AG, ARC-Greenlab GmbH, microTOOL GmbH, MSA AUER GmbH, DB Systel GmbH, Toll Collect GmbH, ]init[ AG, data experts GmbH, Projektron GmbH, Landesbank Berlin AG, Wilhelm Reuss GmbH & Co. KG, OPITZ CONSULTING Hamburg GmbH, IT Service Omikron GmbH, H&H Datenverarbeitungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH, and Aastra Deutschland GmbH (now Mitel) among others.

Undergraduate student research projects

I also have the great opportunity to select topics for student research projects at the Computer Science Dept. from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

The topics of the research projects I supervise are mainly related to my research interests.

The following poster shows some examples of research done together with undergraduate students where they also coauthor scientific papers! (See the list of my publications for more.)

(Open the image in a new tab for more detail)